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Whether industrial, environmental, medical, or consumer in nature, your product may need to capture data, process information, and control responses. The SensorLogic team has years of experience integrating all types of sensing modalities: RADAR, LIDAR, Audio, GPS, and IMU. Moreover, we develop the embedded software you need to interface with other devices and systems.  We create products, applications, and cloud-based IoT solutions that help you communicate with the outside world. Leveraging our years of development experience will get your product to the market faster.

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SNOdar Render

SNOdar Press Release: March 10th, 2022

Bozeman-Based SensorLogic Introduces SNOdar, the Smallest, Most Accurate Snow Depth Sensor on the Market.
SLmX4 - Radar-Based Health Module

SLMX4 - New Radar-Based Health Module

Provides human presence detection, movement, and respiration, up to 5 meters away.

SNOdar Installation

SNOdar Sensor Released

SensorLogic’s new SNOdar sensor, is used for accurately and robustly monitoring snow depth and new snowfall in remote sensing applications. Low Cost - Low Power.
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