Sensors used for resource management and infrastructure utilization


Radar Based Sensing Applications
Over 2 billion people worldwide depend on the seasonal snowpack for water resources, and 50-80% of available water in the Western U.S. originates as snow in the mountains. Accurately tracking the depth and water content (SWE) of snow is critical to monitoring the seasonal snowpack. SensorLogic’s automated low-power snow water equivalent sensor (SWEdar) can improve the forecasting of water resources for agriculture and public consumption.
Providing better care while reducing costs and liability is not only possible, it’s imperative in today’s eldercare market. We’ve worked with long-term care facilities to monitor sleep and other vitals non-invasively using Ultra-Wideband Radar. Our sensors preserve a patient’s privacy and dignity while providing alerts for critical events such as a fall, inactivity, or leaving a room at odd hours. Staff visitation audits are also possible. No video and nothing to wear so user compliance issues are eliminated and liability is minimized.
Ultra-wideband radar sensing is an ideal solution for agricultural applications. UWB radar can “see-through” the dirty/dusty environments that are prevalent in agriculture. SensorLogic solutions have been used for proximity sensing, implement control, and crop imaging.
Better resource management and infrastructure utilization is possible when city managers understand stormwater flows, traffic & pedestrian flows, parking availability, ATMs, tunnels, and bridges can be made safer and more secure. Sensors that can be embedded or placed out of sight prevents tampering.
Worldwide, water resources comprise one of humanity’s most valuable assets. And because much freshwater is inaccessible to humans, accurate, reliable monitoring of our water resources is of crucial importance to communities throughout the world. Our remotely administered sensors provide reliability and are able to solve problems better than anyone else.
People counting, HVAC control, conference room utilization are all possible without using video or invading privacy. Sensors can be placed behind walls or in ceilings. We have also designed sensors that fit into standard light and outlet sockets. Security minded? Prevent tailgating at sensitive entry points without any external device required.
SensorLogic sensors used for real time water resource management

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