circuits in our new snodar radar technology



UWB Radar Module

The SensorLogic SLMX4-Base and SLmX4 Elliptical Patch Antenna Module (SLMX4-EPAM) is an Ultra-wideband (UWB) radar-based, two-piece health module intended for integration into larger monitoring systems, or for use as a standalone health monitor. The SLMX4 is a great replacement for the discontinued Xethru modules.

Snow Depth Sensor

SensorLogic's new SNOdar sensor is used for accurately and robustly monitoring snow depth and new snowfall in remote sensing applications, even during winter storm events.

Expected Release Spring 2022

SWEdar (Snow Water Equivalency Radar) is the first UWB radar based sensor to be developed to accurately track how much water is in the snowpack. A decade of R&D plus over three years of testing with NASA and Idaho Power has resulted in a proprietary sensor that cost significantly less to own and install than current solutions on the market.
snow density monitoring in SensorLogic SNOdar sensors

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