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SensorLogic's new SNOdar sensor is used for accurately and robustly monitoring snow depth and new snowfall in remote sensing applications, even during winter storm events.
Accuracy + Low Power + Low Cost!
SNOdar measures seasonal snow depth and snowfall. Simultaneously, it can relay data over a serial RS-232 or SDI-12 bus to commercially available telemetry, i.e. Satcom, data logger, or cell modem. Moreover, it can record an entire season of data on its internal, nonvolatile data logger so there is no need to pair every sensor with a separate data logger; therefore resulting in large cost savings upon deployment. The sensor can also be paired with our Chairlift Gateway in order to backhaul to the cloud via LTE. From there, you are able to use our subscription-based Chairlift API to view data in real time from anywhere with LTE service.

The sensor is small and lightweight, yet durable enough to monitor snow depth all season long at -40 degC and colder. The unit is typically powered from +12 VDC battery source and consumes less than 0.5 Watt on average. A small battery and solar panel (e.g. 50Ah + 10W) is all that is needed for seasonal deployment, depending on latitude. The unit can be set up to operate as a distance sensor, stormboard snowfall sensor, or seasonal snow depth sensor. A powerful mobile App allows the user to quickly configure and deploy the unit as well as monitor real-time data when within Bluetooth range. As a stormboard sensor, view or download the latest storm snow total, wipe the board, and re-calibrate for the next snowfall event. Furthermore, within minutes of deployment set up the unit as a standalone depth/snowfall sensor and data logger. Return periodically with an App-enabled mobile device to download the latest data and instantly upload the data to a cloud platform, of your choice, for viewing, management, or analysis.

  • SNOTEL Snow Depth Monitoring
  • Stormboard Snowfall Measurement
  • Avalanche Monitoring and Forecasting
  • DOT Road Conditions Monitoring
  • Ski Resort Snow Monitoring
  • Cornice Growth
  • General Snow Management
  • Snow Load Roof Monitoring
  • Parking Lot Snow Removal Monitoring
  • Snow Depth for Railroad Monitoring

Suggested Shopping List:

Note: not all items are required for an install, most likely only a subset.
Start Here --> PV System Calculator (Find your minimum Battery size, Panel size, Amps)

-Solar Panel Kit: 
           - 10 W
           - 20 W
30 W (panel only)
50 W (panel only)
50 W (kit)
           - Other various panel sizes

-Charge Controller:
            - Wanderer (10 A, 50 VDC Input) 

-Solar Panel Mount:
             - 14 Inch Arm

-PV Extension Cables:
             - Mixed lengths

-Battery Cables:
             - ⅜ Inch Lugs

              - 68 Ah
              - 76 Ah 
              - 100 Ah
              - 100 Ah (alternative)
              - 200 Ah

-Battery + Controller waterproof/insulated housing: 
               - 25 Qt
               - 52 Qt
               - 72 Qt 

               - 3 meter Tripod


  • Real-time, accurate snow depth information during storms and heavy snowfall (NO postprocessing necessary)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled configuration, installation, and live display
  • Seasonal internal data logger
  • Seasonal snow depth and new snowfall, even during heavy snowfall
  • Seasonal snowfall totals
  • Model-based Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) (*upgrade, coming soon!)
  • SDI-12 data logger connectivity with commercially available devices (e.g. CSI CR6)
  • RS-232 Satcom connectivity with commercially available devices (e.g. Rockblock Iridium)
  • Sensor orientation monitoring (e.g. high snow load, high wind, tower shifting)
  • Normal or oblique angle mounting (up to 30 degrees) for flexible mounting locations on inclines or stormboards
  • Low power deployment, ≤ 500 mW average consumption

The cable that ships with the SNOdar has a straight over-molded connector.
  • Rated -40°C to 105°C
  • Power Rating: 300V
  • IP67 Connector (Outer Jacket is UV and Water Resistant)
  • Wire Gauge: 20 AWG
  • UL Recognized, CSA Certified and RoHS Compliant
  • Length: 10 meters
  • Blunt cut for connection flexibility

Mounting Clamp
The clamp that ships with the SNOdar is aluminum 6061-T6 with 304-stainless steel hardware and accommodates a pipe OD of 1.49-1.58". Please contact SLI if a different size clamp is required.
  • Medium duty clamp for 1.5" OD Tube
  • Minimum Tube Size: 38mm
  • Maximum Tube Size: 40mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 100kg/220lbs
The clamp drawing, a custom derivative of this pn: MINI 360 1.5.

Regulatory & Compliance Certifications
Full Compliance
  • EMC
    •  FCC 15B and ISES-003 Issue 7
    •  CISPR 32:2015 / CENELEC EN 55032:2015
    •  CISPR 35:2016 / CENELEC EN 55035:2017
    •  ETSI EN 301 489-1 v2.2.3:2019
    •  ETSI EN 301 489-17 v3.1.1:2020
  • IP67
    •  IEC 60529 Section 13.4, 13.6
    •  IEC 60529 Section 14.2.7
  • Safety
    •  IEC 61010-1:2010
    •  IEC 61010-1:2010/AMD1:2016
  •  RoHS


ParameterDescription MinMaxUnits
Input VoltageInput Voltage Range (VDC)624volts
Operating TemperatureOutside, Ambient Operating Temperature Range-4060
Storage TemperatureInside, Ambient Storage Temperature Range-4085
Mechanical VibrationMil-STD-883D, Method 2007.2, 20 to 2000 Hz20g
Mechanical ShockMil-STD-883D, Method 2002.3, 1 msec, 1/2 sine, Mounted500g
Ingress ProtectionDust tight, Immersion, up to 1 meter depthIP67
Corrosion ResistanceMIL-A-8625, Aluminum Anodizing Process (6061 T6)Type II
AccuracyTypical Deviation from Absolute Depth+/- 1+/- 2cm
ResolutionMinimum Detectable Depth Change0.31cm
RangeDistance from Snow Target0.099meters
Measurement Interval1 Minute Granularity160mins
Current Consumption@12 VDC, With Heater ON0.2500.260amps
Current Consumption@12 VDC, With Heater OFF (Idle, Active)0.0350.045amps
Power ConsumptionMax Measured with Heater ON0.423.2watts
Average PowerTypical Average Seasonal Power Usage0.5watts
WeightWithout and With Mounting Clamp, Respectively265375grams
Size6.3 x 6.3 x 9.5 (W x L x H)cm
ObliquenessFrom Vertical, Angle Slant Relative to Measuring Surface-3030degrees

Electrical Interfaces

The communication standards accessible on cable allow for rapid deployment with COTS telemetry devices.
  • 1 RS-232 port (common among commercial Satcom / LTE modems)
  • SDI-12 port (common among remote sensors and commercial data loggers)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.x
  • 2 Mbps PHY capable, up to 50 meters Line-of-Sight (LOS)
  • Long Range 125 Kbps PHY, up to 250 meters LOS
  • The wireless connection allows for quick setup and calibration, data monitoring and sharing