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SensorLogic’s SNOdar Snow Sensor Chosen for Hydropower Optimization in Norway

Bozeman, Montana meets Svalbard, Norway

Bozeman, Montana meets Svalbard, Norway

SensorLogic Inc, headquartered in Bozeman, Montana is a leading developer of radar-based remote sensors. Over the last decade, SensorLogic has partnered with leading snow scientists to develop a deep understanding and leading-edge products in snow measurement and data analysis. Where2O, a Norwegian IoT company and part of the Telenor group, will deploy SensorLogic’s SNOdar sensors to provide critical water availability data to allow hydropower plants to optimize power production. 

“We are excited about being able to offer the market-leading products from SensorLogic to our customers. Knowing the amount of snow accumulating in the watersheds above hydropower plants is one of the greatest challenges to hydrologists in the power industry”, says Eivind Trondsen, CEO of Where2O AS.

- “We found our perfect match in SensorLogic”, says Trondsen. 

“We are excited to partner with Where2O to bring critical water availability data to their clients across the Nordic region. Rigorous field testing done by Where2O confirms what our US clients have told us; SNOdar is a state-of-the-art snow-depth sensor with superior performance over ultrasonic devices and other technologies, especially in adverse weather conditions” says Doug Roberts, Founder of SensorLogic. 
Roberts added “climate change has rendered existing technologies and networks unreliable when tracking and analyzing water availability. We have invested significant time and capital to develop SNOdar and the cloud computing platform needed to combine public data, our sensor data, and proprietary algorithms to offer superior water availability analytics to the $7 billion dollar private climate data industry.”

“Sadly, innovation and capital investment in the U.S. public snow sensing network has been in decline for over a decade.  SensorLogic is on a mission to build the first (and much-needed) commercial sensor network in the U.S. where accurate and timely water availability data can unlock nearly $6 billion dollars of value through hydropower plant optimization, better crop planting decisions for farmers, and improving loss ratios for crop insurance underwriters to name just a few of our target markets.” Added Roberts. 

Follow along with SensorLogic and Where2O on their new developments for the water availability network!

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