Chairlift LTE Gateway

SNOdar Chairlift Gateway


Available Now

The Chairlift LTE Gateway is here and ready to be shipped. The new Gateway enables communication via LTE from SNOdar field devices to our Chairlift API and Database. The API is a subscription-based service we provide and has the ability to be integrated with your website to deliver real-time snow depth data all season long. Easy installation and automatic BLE pairing between devices make the Gateway a necessary addition for real-time, remote data collection.

Access Accurate Snow Depth Data from Anywhere in Real-Time

Chairlift Gateway Setup Guide

LED Definition Table:


  • No more manual measurements
  • Instantly access real-time snow depth information in cell range
  • Perfect for ski areas and resorts, roadside snow monitoring, remote sites, or anything that requires accurate, real-time snow information
  • Create your own mountain snow depth measurement network
  • Plug-and-Play, auto connects to SNOdar via Bluetooth
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer

The major cell providers supported by the Chairlift Gateway include AT&T and T-Mobile (Sprint). It should be noted that the Gateway will connect to the cloud regardless of the prevailing carrier, as long as cell service is present in the area.

Suggested Shopping List:

Note: not all items are required for an install, most likely only a subset.

Start Here --> PV System Calculator (Find your minimum Battery size, Panel size, Amps, etc.)

  • Solar Panel Kit: 
           - 10 W
           - 20 W
           - 30 W (panel only)
           - 50 W (panel only)
           - 50 W (kit)
           - Other various panel sizes

  • Charge Controller:
            - Wanderer (10 A, 50 VDC Input) 

  • Solar Panel Mount:
             - 14 Inch Arm

  • PV Extension Cables:
             - Mixed lengths

  • Battery Cables:
             - ⅜ Inch Lugs

  • Battery: 
              - 68 Ah
              - 76 Ah 
              - 100 Ah
              - 100 Ah (alternative)
              - 200 Ah

  • Battery + Controller waterproof/insulated housing: 
               - 25 Qt
               - 52 Qt
               - 72 Qt 

  • Tower
               - 3 meter Tripod


ParameterDescription MinMaxUnits
Input Voltage+12+24Volts
Power Consumption (Average)≤0.25Watts
Operating Temperature-4060°C
Storage Temperature-4085°C
Ingress RatingIP65, IP66
NEMA Rating1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, 13
Flame RatingUL94 HB
Size82 x 80 x 55.1cm
Wireless StandardLTE-M/ NB-IoT + BLE 5.2