SWEdar snow density sensor

SWEdar 3.0


Expected Release Spring 2022

SWEdar (Snow Water Equivalency radar) is the first UWB radar based sensor to be developed to accurately track how much water is in the snowpack. A decade of R&D plus over three years of testing with NASA and Idaho Power has resulted in a proprietary sensor that cost significantly less to own and install than current solutions on the market.

Improve forecasting of water resources for agriculture and public consumption, mountain weather, avalanches, floods, and hydro power

  • Hydro-electric Power Forecasting 
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Climate Change Research
  • Seasonal run off and flood monitoring
  • Ski Resort Water Management


  • Non-contact measurement of SWE, Snow Density, Snow Depth, and Snowfall 
  • Data processed in real-time, no post-mission processing
  • Cellular or Satellite data transfer
  • Optional Cloud-based data storage and retrieval
  • Minimal site preparation & fewer site visits
  • Operates in sloped terrain
  • No dangerous chemicals required
  • Ideal replacement for snow pillow and snow scales


ParameterDescription MinMaxUnits
SWE Accuracy-2+2cm
Depth Accuracy-5+5cm
Density Accuracy-10+10%
Liquid Water Content-0.5+0.5%
Max Snow Depth3m